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Rootblast International


C. Diemer - Illinois

"I am beginning to panic-my Rootblast supply is almost depleted. I had such great success with the product on my flowers and vegetables producing fantastic results. Being a novice gardener, you can imagine my delight. I now have neighbors bugging me for my recipe-should I give it out or let it be my secret ingredient-that is the burning question. One happy gardener. Eat your heart out Martha Stewart."

T. Blount - Michigan

"Here are a few pictures showing plants I used Rootblast on, and plants I did not use Rootblast on. Can you tell which is which?? We sure can!!! People who see the differences in the plants ask my wife and I about the major discrepancy between the plants (on each side of the our driveway), and the ONLY thing done any differently, was the larger plants were sprinkled with Rootblast early in the spring when the sprouts were just breaking through the ground and the other ones were not sprinkled with Rootblast. It’s amazing what a small amount of Rootblast has accomplished. Since witnessing this growth difference in these plants, I have sprinkled Rootblast on all of my trees and bushes in our landscaping, and on the rootballs of newly planted trees and shrubs. I have not succeeded in maintaining many trees I have planted in the past, but so far, every tree I have appears to be growing strong since being sprinkled with Rootblast. Thank you for your successful product!"

M. Maker - Florida

"My 4 foot cactus was flowering such little flowers, it was getting depressing. I started to use Rootblast and the next months blooms it made (at night) wer HUGE! Bigger than my hand! I was waiting and waiting watching the unopened flower get bigger and bigger and just said to myself NO WAY! Then a few days later I had a beautiful cactus. Thanks Rootblast."