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Rootblast International

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What is it What to use it for When to use How to use Amount to use Benefits
2-1-2 (2% nitrogen - 1% Phosphate - 2% Potassium) plus added micronutrients with lots of calcium, magnesium, iron and other micronutrients that release quickly to roots.  Granular formula - no mixing with water. All Plants: Designed to grow bigger roots on all plants. Bigger roots take in more water and nutrition growing bigger plants. All Plants - annuals, perennials, vegetables, trees, flowering bushes, shrubs, houseplants, germinating seeds - any plant with a root system.  Use Once Per Season.  Springtime - Summer - Fall - Around perennials & bulbs. When planting annuals, vegetables in the ground or containers. Use on all your plants. Garden Beds: Sprinkle 1 scoop Rootblast into hole, position plant and fill in with soil. Be sure no air pockets. And water throughly with a gentle spray.  Baskets/Containers/Grow Bags: Add 1 or 2 scoops of Rootblast into soil, position plant and fill in with soil, water. In Ground: Sprinkle one scoop (1 tsp) for every 12inches of drip-line. Away from the base out to the end of stems or branches. Seeds: Add 1/4 tsp with seeds or broadcast 1 tsp per 12 inch line. New bedding plants and 6 to 10 inch pots use one scoop (premeasured scoop included with product - 1 tsp).  Add another scoop to larger pots. Established plants: sprinkle one scoop per 12 inches of drip-line around plant. (Dripline around the plant away from the base of the plant out to the outer branches.) Seeds: one scoop per 12 inch seed row or 1/4" - 1/2" scoop per 4" - 6" cell pack. Grows bigger roots for faster plant growth and helps anchor plant. Less transplant shock.  Deeper roots makes plants more drought resistant.