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Roots anchor a plant and provide its water and nutrition. Even a plant’s oxygen is obtained through the water taken up by the roots. All flowers, vegetables, trees and bushes keep developing tiny feeder roots throughout their life spans; so Rootblast can be used on seeds and seedlings to established plants already in the ground or potted.

Rootblast’s unique combination of essential macro and micronutrients is such that the metabolism of the plant is very close to optimal and therefore most effective in producing big roots as well as big plants. The bigger the roots, the more nutrients and water the plant can absorb, creating big, beautiful plants. Prepare to be amazed at the results! Rootblast is a hormone-free, all natural, environmentally safe granular formula. Rootblast takes all the guesswork out of growing plants. Unlike other gardening products, Rootblast is easy to use. There’s no mixing with water, use just once per season. Simply add one teaspoon of Rootblast before transplanting your seedling in the ground or sprinkle it around your existing plants. It’s also an ideal seed germinator. So supersize your flowers and vegetable gardens in a snap with Rootblast.

Patrick Murray the inventor of the Rootblast products has lived in Canada all his life and worked to develop a fertilizer that would get plants growing faster because of their short  growing season. He knew plants get water and nutrition through their roots, and if he could create a formula to produce bigger roots, you’d get bigger plants.

Makes sense … a plant with bigger roots would take up more water and nutrients - helping the plant to grow stronger and faster. Creating healthier plants that produce more blooms and fruits – faster in the season!

It’s so easy to use – dig your hole – sprinkle in one scoop of Rootblast – place rootball into hole – don’t worry it won’t burn the roots – fill in with soil and water.  

Rootblast can also be used on plants already in the ground – sprinkle it around your perennials – especially your flowering  bushes like hydrangea or hibiscus and roses.  Do this once per season – spring – summer –and fall.

Rootblast will make the roots search out for more nutrients and water creating big, beautiful plants. Your neighbors will be asking for your garden secrets!

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