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Rootblast International


Plants get carbon, hydrogen and oxygen from the air and water, there is little gardeners can do to control how much of these nutrients a plant can use. The other nutrients come from the soil and are dissolved in water and absorbed through the plant’s roots. There are not always enough of these nutrients in the soil for a plant to grow healthy. This is why many gardeners use fertilizers to add nutrients to the soil.

Plantblast contains portions of all the elements in the original Rootblast formula plus added organics and trace elements creating a fertilizer that will release essential nutrients quickly to the developing plant and to the soil in a form that slowly breaks down to extend the feeding time up to four (4) weeks. Plantblast is a hormone-free, environmentally safe, organic based fertilizer blend that will provide your developing plant all the nutrients it needs to grow big and healthy for spectacular results! There is no mixing with water, simply add one teaspoon of Plantblast before transplanting your seedling into the ground, or sprinkle it around your existing plants. Prepare to be amazed at the results!

OPTION: Use Rootblast when transplanting to get those roots started and then follow up with Plantblast for greater results.