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FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ROOTBLAST® Growth Formula?

A: A non-hazardous fertilizer, chemical free, hormone free, all natural earth elements…Micronutrient Charge!

Q: What is the product's Composition / What does it contain?

A: It contains 2% nitrogen, 1% phosphate, 2% soluble potash and a proprietary formulation of over a DOZEN major and minor micronutrients. NOTE: The range between beneficial and harmful amounts of trace elements is very narrow. Do not mix ROOTBLAST® with other fertilizers or amended soils or mixes.

Q: Can ROOTBLAST® be used on all plants?

A: Yes, ROOTBLAST® can be used on all flowers (annuals, perennials) vegetables, shrubs houseplants and trees… Indoors and Outdoors!

Q: How do you apply ROOTBLAST®?

A: It may be: Sprinkled into the soil when planting seeds or transplanting plants, flowers, trees or shrubs. (1 teaspoon per bedding plant) Sprinkled around the drip line of plants already in the ground, trees, etc., at a rate of one (1) teaspoon per linear foot of drip line. Broadcast at a rate of one (1) pound per 100 sq. ft. ADDITIONALLY: ROOTBLAST® may be combined with peat, vermiculite and perlite, to create a professional soil-less gardening medium.

Q: Do I mix ROOTBLAST® with water?

A: NO, ROOTBLAST® does not require any mixing with water. It’s simple to use, just sprinkle 1 teaspoon per plant into soil.

Q: How often do you apply ROOTBLAST®?

A: Use ONCE per season to seedlings, annual bedding plants, perennials, shrubs and trees; especially when transplanting.

Q: Can I apply ROOTBLAST® more often?

A: Yes, It will not hurt your plants if applied more often. You may apply it in the Spring, Summer and again in the Fall if desired. Wait at least two weeks before applying any other fertilizer.

Q: Can ROOTBLAST® harm plants and flowers?

A: No, not when used as directed. However, do not mix ROOTBLAST® with other chemicals, fertilizers, soil amendments or enhanced soil-less mixes or potting soils.


Q: Is ROOTBLAST® safe for my pet(s)?

A: Yes, All Rootblast Products are Non-Hazardous and Pet Friendly


Q: Can I use another fertilizer with ROOTBLAST®?

A: Yes, You need to feed your large root system. Apply additional fertilizer two weeks after applying ROOTBLAST® then fertilize as you would normally. Especially, potted plants that run out of nutrients faster than plants in ground.