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Q: What is PLANTBLAST® Growth Formula?

A: A non-hazardous fertilizer, that is environmentally safe, hormone free with added organic elements for a slow release.

Q: What is PLANTBLAST’s composition / What does it contain??

A: The N-P-K is 5-6-5 with added organics; feathermeal and bonemeal along with many trace elements for the best of both organic and inorganic fertilizer mix. Quick precise release for fast root & plant development with slow release elements for extended feeding.

Q: Can PLANTBLAST® be used on all plants?

A: Yes, PLANTBLAST can be used on all flowers and vegetable varieties along with other perennial plants.

Q: How do you apply PLANTBLAST®?

A: For best results use ROOTBLAST when transplanting new plants into ground or container and then follow-up with PLANBLAST two weeks later. Applying every 2 to 4 weeks as needed by sprinkling one scoop (one teaspoon) per 12 inches of drip line. Gently work into the soil and water thoroughly.

Q: Do I mix with water?

A: No mixing with water is necessary. Some customers do with good success but note there is some residue if using a special sprayer or grow box.

Q: How often do you apply PLANTBLAST®?

A: Every two to four weeks as plant needs – container plants may do better every two to three if watered daily and has good drainage. Ground plants that can get nutrients from the soil may only need every three to four weeks. Watch the plant and determine what works best with your growing conditions.