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Rootblast can be used on all plants from seeds, seedlings, annuals, perennials, vegetables, trees, bushes and houseplants. For your perennials, trees and other plants already in the ground, just sprinkle Rootblast around the drip-line of the plant.

Use Rootblast once per season and watch your plants grow! It’s easy too… no mixing with water. And best of all it is all environmentally safe and hormone free!

All plants, trees and bushes keep developing small feeder roots throughout their life spans so Rootblast is good for all plants young and old. Bigger Roots Grow Bigger Plants!

Use the following directions as guidelines when applying Rootblast to your plants. Wait two weeks before applying additional fertilizer.

Transplants/Bedding Plants Outdoors

Sprinkle 1-scoop (1 tsp.) of Rootblast into hole, position plant and gently fill soil around roots. Gently pack soil and water thoroughly.

Already Planted Perennials, Shrubs & Trees

Sprinkle 1-scoop (tsp.) of Rootblast per 12-inches of plant drip line. (The drip line is the circumference of the green growth of the plant.) Gently work Rootblast 1-inch into the soil and water thoroughly with a gentle spray.

Seeds Indoors & Outdoors

Sprinkle ¼-scoop (tsp.) into each hole, or 1-scoop (tsp.) per 12-inches of seed row. Drop in seed(s) and cover with soil per seed packet instructions. Water thoroughly.

Repotting House Plants

When repotting you should choose a pot or container that is one size larger than the one being used if the plant is to large for the pot. When planting in a container that is 6-inches or smaller mix 1-scoop (tsp.) of Rootblast with soil. For larger containers add another ½-scoop (tsp.) of Rootblast for every additional 2-inches of container. Water thoroughly.

Outdoor Containers or Pots

Mix 1-scoop (tsp.) of Rootblast with soil when planting in a 4 to 6-inch container. For larger containers add another ½-scoop (tsp.) of Rootblast for every additional 2-inches of container. Water thoroughly.

Already Planted Flower/Vegetable Beds

Sprinkle 1-scoop (tsp.) of Rootblast around each plant. If you do not want to take the time to do each plant individually, you may broadcast one scoop per 1 square foot. Water thoroughly with a gentle spray.

IMPORTANT: Water thoroughly after applying Rootblast. Wait two weeks before applying any additional fertilizer. Do not apply more Rootblast than recommended.

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