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Rootblast International


In Ground Planting

Dig hole two times larger than the plants root ball.  Sprinkle 1 scoop (tsp) of Tomatoblast into hole before planting.


Mix 2 scoops of Tomatoblast for every gallon of soil.  (4 qts = 1 gallon)

Hanging Gro-Bags

Mix 3 scoops of Tomatoblast throughout bag when planting for best results.  Add 3 scoops every 2 to 3 weeks throughout growing season.

Established Plants

Sprinkle 2 to 3 scoops of Tomatoblast evenly over soil surface, below branches, away from base of plant.  (This is the drip line) Lightly scratch into soil and water thoroughly.

Tomatoblast can be applied every 2 to 4 weeks as needed throughout the growing season. Water thoroughly after each application.