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Rootblast International

No matter what you grow, we've got you covered!

Rootblast - 2.5 lb., feeds up to 200 plants
Plantblast - 1.8 lb., 200 applications
Tomatoblast - 1.8 lb., 200 applications

All of our fertilizers are well balanced with added trace elements and are environmentally safe, non-hazardous and hormone free!




Canadian inventor Patrick Murray created all of our formulas after years of research. Since Canada has a short growing season he needed something to boost the growth of plants. He realized the most important part of any plant is the root system, which takes up water, nutrients and most of the plant's oxygen. Thus, his formulas offer a quick release to the fine feeder roots. This creates more roots and more plant shoots for a healthier plant.

Our products are an organic blend of feathermeal and bonemeal combined with micronutrients to produce optimal results in annuals, perennials, vegetables, trees, bushes and houseplants. Gardeners get great results with just Rootblast, but they get even better results when they combine it with Plantblast or Tomatoblast to produce a bigger root system. As tomatoes need a balance of nutrients including phosphorus, potassium magnesium and calcium, our Tomatoblast formula gives the perfect blend to produce the best tomatoes you've ever tasted. It's not like other brands that can overwhelm young plants or burn out mature ones.

Horticultural experts believe that plants will take what they need and thrive if the major and minor elements are balanced. We’ve put this balance into all of our formulas, so all you have to do is follow the instructions and enjoy the results!